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Anonymous said: Hey beautiful! Where did you get your arm band??

I believe etsy

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"The world’s going to judge you no matter what you do, so live life the way you fucking want to."

Mark Patterson, @Expherience (via kushandwizdom)

August 11th, 4:12pm breath catching to
the car radio eulogy and all I see is your smile.
A smile that I know. A contagion, didn’t
you know? And I know your diagnosis.

And in myself I see you. Robin,
do you think we gave too much away?
Do you think we should’ve saved
more for ourselves?

I stand five foot four with thought-tangled
curls and open palms, even from the ground,
especially from the ground. My childhood
home was a battlefield where I had to fight to
be heard, and my voice was a cry that earned
its right inside of me; 12 years later, I’m finally
not afraid to speak out loud anymore. Robin, my
body, it – it was a bomb shelter, it was my safe
place to occupy – until it wasn’t anymore.

But did others’ laughter ease the pain for you
like it does for me? Had touching others with your
word eased the acres of emotional distance in your
heart for you, like what I feel in my poetry?

Because regardless of this toxicity between
my temples, something so much stronger’s soaked into
my blood: to be what I never had, to guide where I was
once lost, to give what I was never given, and you, sir,
gave so much. To so many,

when so many of us needed something to take,
whether we knew it or not. I don’t know what’s more
admirable about people like us, the love we attract or
the love we exude. But all I can really say now is

thank you. I watch post after post, dedication after
dedication after emotion after heartbreak after
expression of gratitude after another: you are
a shining reminder to us all, that even if we don’t
know how to ask for it to be shown, even if we don’t
feel it, (and God knows how we can’t feel it sometimes):

we are so loved, and so cherished.
O captain, my Captain, you are so
loved, you, are still so cherished.

And I promise to live the years ahead
so hard for you and the rest of us. May
you rest in all the peace you expelled.


valentina thompson,
For the Kind of Mr. Robin Williams, a Tributary (via theseoverusedwords)